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I decided to create this free collection of Lessons, Tutorials and Tips about this AMAZING job, based on what I’ve learned in my career and experience as character animator! 😉
I’ve been working in the Animation Industry since 10 years and before that…3 years of Animation School! I really, really, REALLY love my job, I really do… I love animation and I like to share my passion (and why not? My knowledgments) with other people!
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About Me

My name is Chiara Porri, I’m Italian and I came from a lovely small town on the sea in Tuscany!

I always had a natural needs to pour out my creativity, I started with drawings, comics, paintings and much more…!  After the High School I attended an Animation Course in Turin, Italy (for 3 amazing years) and from that moment…I never stopped. 🙂
As Character Animator I worked for Tv Series, Movies and Videogames. Here you can find a link to my Vimeo Channel so that you can have an idea of my job as Animator: Chiara – Vimeo Channel

At the moment I’m working as freelance animator and I will try to find the time to add always new contents on this blog 😉

In my spare time I create tv series pitch, short movies, animation tests, ….this blog…, concepts for videogames, comics, I sew handmade puppets, I love cooking,  long walks in the parks and…I love to play with my American Staffordshire Terrier…Evy!evy01

🎙IWTBAA INTERVIEWS: ‬Mike Walling – Senior Animator

It was just a pleasure to interview a big artist and mentor like Mike Walling! He’s an extremely experienced senior animator with a lot of tips and advices to give us but he’s also a very nice guy and passionate animator! It was really “instructive” and very inspirational to listen him, I really enjoyed it!

Mike has worked many years in feature animation for studios like: Dreamworks, Sony, Disney, Blue Sky and others companies and in the last years he “jumped” to video game animation and he’s now working in Bungie Studio! Hope you enjoy his interview! 🙂



REEL-MONSTER ANIMATION COURSE https://www.reel-monster.com/

VIMEO https://vimeo.com/mikewalling

LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/miwalling/

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‼️📢If you want to be interviewed or you have some suggestions of Animator that would be happy to do one…just write it in the comments section or send me a private mess 😊

20 Common Animation Terms #1

First group of 20 COMMON ANIMATION TERMS! Another new series a quick introduction to the most used animation terms you’ll hear in production…so…if you’re new to this world… don’t get caught unprepared! 😛

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This is part of a long series! Is a quick overview of the main ANIMATION TERMS you’ll get used to hear in production and is important to know what we are talking about! Let’s start this first group of 20 COMMON ANIMATION TERMS!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.12

ACCENTS during an acting we have some accents on some moments that we have to emphasize with the expressions and body movements! This are the strongest part of the animation! Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.15.png

MODEL SHEET Is a final collection of guidelines for a character design.
They show the structure, appearance, proportions, poses and attitude of the character and works as guide for all the artists!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.20Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.21

INBETWEEN/TWEENING in 3D is the generation of the interpolation created by the software between two poses. The software creates this morphing between poses that the animator can modify adjust if needed!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.23.png

GHOSTING you can use some tools to create a visualization of your animation through the scene, showing all the poses frame by frameSchermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.28.png

PLACEHOLDER In animation we use to add placeholders in the scene for the assets that are not finished or still need to be totally designed and they will be substitute in a second time!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.33.png

SETTLE Add a settle to avoid an abrupt stop! When you finish an action you can use the following frames to add a settle in order to smooth the transition to a resting pose!

Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.36.png

OVERSHOOT A settle is usually anticipated by an overshoot, an animation that exceed the end value. In maya we can also achieve this effects with the spline tangent that automatically overshoots the neighboring keyframe value!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.39.png

ANIMATION LAYER You can create multiple layers for your animation:
the primary movement is in the base animation layer and you can create a new layers for secondary movements!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.45.png

STRAIGHT AHEAD One of the possible workflow when we approach animation, is when you create the key poses of your animation forward in the timeline, one after the other following the sequence order!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.47.png

BREAKING JOINTS break and bend joints to add flexibility, to make the movement more appealing and creates nice arcs… going out from the limits of the realism!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.52.png

CYCLE/LOOP An animation that repeats as an infinite loop, often used in walks and runs animations! To properly work the first and last key poses must be exactly the same!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.55.png

FISH EYES (in posing) when we position the eyes too far apart, creating this fish like look that it’s not really expressive, except if this is required for a specifyc character or situationSchermata 2019-12-30 a 03.16.59.pngSchermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.01

SAFE ACTION/AREA Is a guideline you can turn on in your view settings to keep all the actions clearly visible within this area when they will be displayed on TV screenSchermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.05.png

OVERLAPPING ACTION Some parts lead the movement and others follow the action, the leading part moves with a specific timing and other moves in a different one!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.08

MOTION BLUR Is the effect of blurring objects during a movement, more is the change between positions, more is the blurred effects! In Maya you can automatically add this effect and enable it from the Render Settings!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.11.png

SNAPPY ANIMATION is an animation style characterized by strong contrast between slow/fast movements, the character “snaps” from a very appealing pose to another in a fast transition!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.15.png

MOTION CAPTURE – MOCAP Is the registration of the movements created by a real actor and transferred to the digital character through markers placed on the actor’s suit!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.24.png

FK – IK (FORWARD AND INVERSE KINEMATICS) FK is a chain of joints where a parent moves the other ones following the hierarchy. With IK the child in the hierarchy is not influenced by the parents!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.26.png

FADE IN / FADE OUT A transition at the beginning of a scene from a black image that gradually brighten or gradually darkens at the endSchermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.28.png

EXTREMES The more important keys/poses during an animation,
Examples: the starting and the ending keys/poses of a WALK, or the extreme positions of a movement!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.30.png

This is all for this first 20 Animation Terms and I invite you to write me in the comments if you have some Terms to suggest so that I can increase my list! Subscribe to the channel if you like and support my project of free Animation Lessons and Tutorials by leaving a LIKE and SHARE my videos! see you for the next one!Schermata 2019-12-30 a 03.17.37.png

🎙IWTBAA INTERVIEWS: Valentino Ballestri – 3D Animator

A NEW SERIES IN THE CHANNEL! I thought it would’ve been nice to pick some ANIMATORS (or any type of artists in the animation industry) around the world and…ask them some questions about their life, their work, some tips to share… a simple and quick interview/chat…just to create a connection between all of us, people that share the same passion and dreams, people that sometimes have to leave their country, people that…sometimes face obstacles, people that don’t give up, people that HAVE FUN, people that follow their dreams and want to share them with us! 😉 I will interview Artist of different levels of experience so that any of you can empathize and be inspired by them, an aspiring animator can establish a connection with a junior animator telling us his experience so far, and all of us will be motivated and could find great tips by an expert one!

So, enjoy the first Interview! Valentino is a friend of mine and…he’s really a nice and passionate young Animator! 😀

‼️📢If you want to be interviewed or you have some suggestions of Animator that would be happy to do one…just write it in the comments section or send me a private mess 😊

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BEGINNER Exercise – “Hand Poses”


Another POSES exercise, this time we’ll concentrate on just a part of the human body: the HANDS! 2D animators often say that hands are particularly hard to draw, but what I can say that even in 3D they could be hard to pose! So is important to practice a bit with this delicate part and I suggest to watch some reference from picutures or use a mirror to create the pose yourself!

BEGINNER Exercise – “Different Blinks”


This exercise is based on a scheduled Lesson tgat is not ready yet!

The goal of it is to learn how to animate the main used blinks : REGULAR – FAST- HALF – SLOW AND OFFSETTED!

Learn how to manage blink is fundamental ’cause is something you’ll have to do regularly, in any animation and …a wrong blink can compromise your work!


BEGINNER Exercise – “Expressions”


Now let’s focus on face and expressions! Learn how flexible a human face can be and most of all…learn how to EXPRESS feelings and moods using each part of the face…

Reference: Lesson #11 “Exaggeration” and any pictures of real actors that is particularly appealing, or watch yourself on a mirror….study your face!


BEGINNER Exercise – “Action Poses”


Just as the previous exercise, “Acting Poses”, this one is pretty much the same but with ACTION poses, this means that you will have to create dynamic, strong and readable poses getting inspiration from movies actors, sports or just your imagination!

Watch the Lesson #11 “Exaggeration” for learn how to push your poses!


BEGINNER Exercise – “Acting Poses”


Sometimes is important to “put aside” the motion and focus just on still poses! This exercise is focus on learning the art to create GOOD and APPEALING poses that is the base of any animation!

Connected to the Lesson #11 “Exaggeration” I suggest you to look for some image of real actors from movies, people around you or watch yourself to get inspiration!

BEGINNER Exercise – “Acting with a Ball”


Here another “famous” exercise : the ACTING with a BALL! It’s one of my favourite and I really believe it’s not just for beginners but is also something we should do, every now and then, even when we are experienced enough ’cause is always a good fresh up to our approach when we animate!

Connected to the Lesson #5 “Timing and Spacing” and my video TIPS #2 “Rhythm of your Shot”



Here you can find a list of exercises I thougth for practice and I split them in:


I RECOMMEND YOU TO DON’T SKIP THE FUNDAMENTAL STEPS AND DON’T RUSH…LEARNING ANIMATION REQUIRES TIME AND PATIENCE! If you started with something out of your actual knowledge you’ll don’t benefits from them but what you’ll have at the end….WILL BE A BIG CONFUSION! So please, go forward, step by step until you don’t handle the main Principles and YOU WILL SEE GREAT RESULTS! 🙂


“I Want To Be An Animator – Community”

Use the hashtag     #BeAnAnimatorExercises   to receive feedback!



  1. Bouncing Ball
  2. Acting with a Ball
  3. Character Turn
  4. Acting poses
  5. Action poses
  6. Expression
  7. Head Take
  8. Different Blinks
  9. Animate a Tail
  10. Hand Poses
  11. Changing weight (waiting)
  12. Idle
  13. Walk cycle
  14. Run cycle
  15. Jump in place
  16. Crossing arms
  17. “NO” head shake
  18. “YES” head nod
  19. Waving Hand
  20. Drinking
  21. Animate a Throw
  22. Smash a door
  23. Acting with a prop
  24. Excited reaction
  25. Pick something up
  26. Laugh
  27. Sit down and sit up



DEENA Sketches#1

‼️I’m preparing some new Lessons/Tutorials/Tips!

Next topics will be: the last Animation Principle “APPEAL”; POSING; How to use Animation Layers, Lipsynch… It will take a bit ’cause I still have to wait the final rig of Deena but…. I’m preparing the theory part😉 IN THE MEAN TIME HERE AN AWESOME VERSION OF DEENA MADE BY FILIPPO FOGLIETTI! She’s sooo nice😍

#deena #animation #lesson #tutorial #beananimator


I can’t not share with you some rig test pics of #DEENA 😊 It’s still a wip but…she’s on the right way!! Thanks to Sagi Cohen (Squiggly Rigs) for sent me this great update!! I know I totally disappeared in the last months but for NEXT YEAR I’m preparing a lot of new contents for the channel!! All the videos I create require a lot of time….time that I don’t have right now so…..I hope you’ll understand!!☺️

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I want to be…an Animator ✏️Mention

When I started this channel….I just had in mind to create a couple of video tutorials, just for fun and test myself in something new..trying to explain my animation method to others through quick and simple videos demonstrations. I wasn’t sure to be able to do that and I was ready to “delate” the first video uploaded if I would have received a flood of insults 😅But…this didn’t happen and a lot of aspirants animators just founded my videos easy to understand and a font of inspiration, so ..I want to say thanks to all this people that supported this project and when I read my Blog listed in article like “10 Awesome Animation Blogs for your Inspiration”….I just feel happy😁Thanks Florian and Introbrand.com for the mention!!!😊

A surprise in my basement…!

I want to share with you this beautiful surprise I found in my basement 🖤The reason why I’m not creating new contents for my animation channel (but I’ll start soon…It’s a promise😉) is that I’m dedicating my time to clean out my family house from all the old things my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents gathered over the years…..and…. hidden among all this old stuff I found…an early 900s Magic Lantern!😍An amazing and fascinating precursor of the actual animation….I think my dad and my grandad probably didn’t even know what it was…and then…here I am…an animator who found this in her basement….I so love it and make me think it really was my destiny 😄😍

#magiclantern #animation #beananimator

Happy Easter day!

Buona Pasqua! Happy Easter! Bon Paques! Frohe Ostern! Feliz Pascua! С праздником Пасхи! فِصْحُ سعيدُ !イースターおめでとう! 행복한 부활절이 되시길! Geseënde Paasfees! 復活節快樂! สุขสันต์วันอีสเตอร์! Paskalya yortunuz kutlu olsun! Maligayang Pasko ng Pagkabuhay! 🐰🥚🌼and happy Easter day in all animators languages! 😁

Rigs SHOWCASE #1 – “Lee” by Squiggly Rigs

Rigs Showcase #1 – I’d like to present “LEE”, a new cartoon style character RIG created by SquigglyRigs

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+20.000 subs!!!

The youtube channel reached the +20.000 subs!!😊THANKS! I would just want to be able to post more videos even if the time is never enough 😣😣😅 #animation #beananimator #iwanttobeananimator #tutorial #lesson #youtube #channel #mentoring #animationforbeginner #learnanimation


⚫️ANIMATORS FORTUNE COOKIES QUOTE OF THE DAY! “It was all started by a mouse!” – Walt Disney… https://youtu.be/42GSQfRh–4
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One of my favorite quote😍⚫️ANIMATORS FORTUNE COOKIES QUOTE OF THE DAY! “You’re not supposed to animate drawings. You’re supposed to animate FEELINGS!” – Ollie Johnston…
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