I like to present: BLAKE

Here an interesting character for your acting shot, created by Jason Baskin


Blake is a customizable man with some different options for appearance and some clothing accessories, rig and model are really well done! 😉

Free Download here

I like to present: SQUIRRELY

A very nice rig for your shot is this little squirrel rig created by Josh Burton

Squirrely is also perfect for your first exercises! Test some basic animation principles… playing with his long tail!

Free Download in The OFFICIAL SITEsquirrely.png

I like to present: ALYA

– ALYA – You will love this Rig!

As animator you can do great stuff with this great rig created by Eyad Hussein! 😉

The rig is not available yet but will be realeased soon (probably the end of this summer) but I suggest you to fill the pre-registration form so that you will be one of the first to receive an email when she will be ready for download! 😉Alya2alya2

I like to present: Mary Project

If you’re planning to start an acting shot, maybe Mary could be the rig for you! 😉

Free Download in The OFFICIAL SITE

maryThe Rig is well done and functional (the facial blendshapes and controls could be improved IMO)mary5mary4

There’s a set of blendshapes for the facial expressions:mary2

Some hair locks controls:mary3

Deformers controls for arms and legs:mary1

I like to present: Crash Pack

I recently bought this nice pack of Rigs from “Long Winter Member” site:

Long Winter member

In the pack we have this 5 Rigs:

The simple and clean design is perfect for body mechanics and action animations.

I like to present: ELEVEN RIG

I suggest you to download this FREE Rig, the Eleven Rig, ’cause I found it pretty easy to animate (I would just improve the facial controls and blendshapes) and have some nice possibility to customize it. The rig is well done and allow you to create both realistic and extremely cartoon/squashy animation! 🙂eleven3

Eleven Rig – Official Blog

You can chose the gender:eleven1you can customize the head (scale, hair/eyebrow style, add beard or mustache and change the eyes color)eleven2and from the Root control, you can customize the body proportion! 😉eleven3you also have some nice helpfull extra controls like the SQUASH and STRETCH for the head and some cool deformers for arms and legs! Have fun! 🙂eleven4