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When I started this channel….I just had in mind to create a couple of video tutorials, just for fun and test myself in something new..trying to explain my animation method to others through quick and simple videos demonstrations. I wasn’t sure to be able to do that and I was ready to “delate” the first video uploaded if I would have received a flood of insults 😅But…this didn’t happen and a lot of aspirants animators just founded my videos easy to understand and a font of inspiration, so ..I want to say thanks to all this people that supported this project and when I read my Blog listed in article like “10 Awesome Animation Blogs for your Inspiration”….I just feel happy😁Thanks Florian and Introbrand.com for the mention!!!😊

A surprise in my basement…!

I want to share with you this beautiful surprise I found in my basement 🖤The reason why I’m not creating new contents for my animation channel (but I’ll start soon…It’s a promise😉) is that I’m dedicating my time to clean out my family house from all the old things my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents gathered over the years…..and…. hidden among all this old stuff I found…an early 900s Magic Lantern!😍An amazing and fascinating precursor of the actual animation….I think my dad and my grandad probably didn’t even know what it was…and then…here I am…an animator who found this in her basement….I so love it and make me think it really was my destiny 😄😍

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New Rig in WIP

We are working on the new official Channel’s Rig 😊I want to use it for all the new videos (to avoid any copyright issues 😛) That’s why I’m waiting to create new lessons and tutorials videos! In the meantime I want to share with you a preview of the concept (right now a modeler is sculpting it)
Concept artist: Filippo Foglietti 
#animation #rig #concept #character #beananimator #animationforbeginners #learnanimation #iwanttobeananimator

Old Projects in the Drawer!

I would like to bring you on a little tour into some of my old personal projects, the projects that have been in my mind in the last years and that brought me here. What we are and our skills come from our passed experiences, no? So THIS (and my commissioned and productions experiences) is what allowed me to..imagine and then to create this channel… a lot of my knowledge come from this personal projects where I had to deal with a lot of different aspects… not just regarding the animation, but everything that comes FIRST and AFTER it! 😉

This projects start with my Puppets, handmade puppets created by me around the year…2007 😛

Something I was used to create for family and friends, but some years alter I met a special collogue during the production of a tv series in a studio in Italy, Emanuele Leoncilli (animator and game developer) and it was him, after seeing my puppets, to have the idea to make a short movie with them, as co-stars with an Emanuele’s character coming from a short movie made by him, Gianfri, a white bear.

The short movie title is “Felt in the Box”! We were both at the beginning of this job…we still had a lot of things to learn and…a short movie seemed us a good challenge!

“Felt in the Box” Art Book cover

The short movie production lasted for about a year, as I said before…we didn’t have all the necessary knowledge for all the aspects so…we made some errors like: rigs and the environments TOO HEAVY and hard to manage! We worked every night and weekend on the project (during the day we were working in a movie production in Rome) but after one year…we had to give up…the project became
unmanageable and impossible to finish…… what remains are: a Teaser, the Animatic (I can show some shots) and an Art Book

After the stop on the short movie we decided to make a tv series of it, something more easy and “lighter” xD

Here a little Making Off of the “home” production

“PUPPET HOUSE” a pre-school Animated Television Series, a world populated by colorful puppets!

We produced (as for the short movie, we made everything by ourselves, just the two of us)…

The Opening

The Graphic Bible (here some pics)

A Pilote Episode (plus the scripts for the first 10 episodes)… and 4 APPS for kids!

Here the Coloring Book Apps Spot

Besides a pretty large collection of gadgets and promotional stuff! 😛

We also participated to an Italian Festival to promote the series and look for producers but….nothing happened so… this remains another project in the drawer! 😛 But …who knows…

How I became a Character Animator

become an animator.png

I was the typical super creative and dreamer child, with a wild imagination! I liked to play with conventional toys but….I liked most to play with the ones “invented by me”.

My nick name as child was “Blonde devil”….you can imagine 🙂scansione0003

When I was really young I started to draw (actually….retracing Mickey Mouse books), or…another of my pastime was to re-create the planimetries of the tv shows I was used to watch (I scansione0002ccshould still have the planimetry of the house of Brandon and Brenda Walsh or the cafè of “Saved by the Bell” somewhere….
I was so detail-oriented that I even had the list of menu’s prices! Don’t ask me why! Kids… 😀

Then I started to read comics, especially manga: Ranma 1/2 and Video Girl Ai my favourites! And that’s just stimulated more my creativity… so I started to write and draw my own comics tavo012

I created comics in secondary and hight school (of course, my only readers were my classmates and my sister, but they were always looking for next episodes! 😀

During my Art High School I also discover a passion for paintings and for a small period I was used to withdraw in my “studio”…painting my plywood covered by acrylic colors, sterile gauze pads, vinyl glue and stylized animals and human figures!


During High School I followed a super interesting course in Cinema and that was the time that I became a movies addicted (I think I’ve seen something around 2000 movies in one year :D) I also started to write movies script on my own

Then…was time to decide what to do: University? I wasn’t so enthusiast, no one of the courses was really convincing me… so I started to make researches for some private course or school for cinema (my primary passion at that time) and I found an interesting school (actually was pretty famous in Italy but I never heard about that before) the “The Experimental Center of Cinematography” based in Rome, the oldest school about cinema art, with courses for: directing, photography, acting, scripting etc…

“Ok! This is the school for me! I’ll be a movies director!”

But… there was only one “huge” problem, my age: the Director course had a minimum age limit (I was 19 and the limit was 21…. I should have wait 2 years…)

So…I had a look on the other courses of the same school (with lower age limit) and I found a new course (based in a different city, Turin, in the north of Italy) about “ANIMATION”

At that time I had no idea of what this was about, yes of course…I watched all the Disney classic movies but I never thought to became an animator… but … I decide to apply for the course!

Then… there was another little obstacle: only 1 class per year, max 16 student would have been admitted…

“What???? Just 16 students?? I will never be one of them!!!”

I was a bit negative about my possible admission… I would have to overcame 3 “selections” to pass (the first one was the portfolio) so, I sent my application with my portfolio (some of my drawings and comics) but in the meantime I signed up for a University course in “Art of Cinema”…. just in case…

I was waiting for a response. I went to my first day of University and…just in the way back home I received a call:

“Hi Chiara! I’m calling from the Experimental Center of Cinematography, you passed the first selection, you are admitted to the second one!”

I was in the train and I think I started to cry! 😀 😀 😀

The second selection have been place in the school, it was an interview with the teachers and some test to do. I passed this selection as well 🙂

And then…the last one: the preparatory course, some days in the school with the other students to test our skills and attitudes!

After that…I was officially an Animation Student! 🙂

How the courses were organized? Well, the first year they teached us the History of Animation, the main softwares used, life drawing sessions

disegni5 copiadisegni3 copia


mime/acting class and …of course…the basics of traditional animation (yeah…I animated on a light table for a year 😀

Schermata 2017-08-15 a 19.10.41Schermata 2017-08-15 a 19.11.48Schermata 2017-08-15 a 19.11.12

The second year you had to choose which path to follow: 2D or 3D Animation. At that point I was still more oriented on directing and VFX, not on the animation part, so I chose 3D cause it seemed the one more closed to me and my interests

(me having milk time in the school/bedrooms floor kitchen)1196200303_adc12536df.png

The third year (absolutely the best one) was dedicated to the creation of a short movie, in small teams. My team was composed by me and other 2 classmates. We realized an “horror” short movie named “Rampicante – Hederae Sicarius” – for this short I was responsible for: directing (of course) and animation (I wasn’t really good at that time… :D)


(me working in the diploma short movie’s room)

Schermata 2012-11-12 a 21.53.54

(and … in XMas time)

rampi2rampi1 copialocandina_FILM

Watch “Rampicante – Hedeare Sicarius” here

That were my 3 years of Animation School. The best years of my life…still miss that place! And as any animator…I started to dream to work in Pixar one day 🙂


(drawing of me, made by a friend)

Time to find a job!

-First steps in production-

Finished the school I went back home and I started to look for a job opportunity.

I live in a small town, in Tuscany, and I found an animation studio in Pisa, around 1 hour by train, that was looking for animators for a tv series.

I gave it a try! I wasn’t yet sure of myself and my skills, so I proposed me for a stage as 3D generalist

“We need animators! So if you want to do animation we can offer you a one year contract”

I was a bit hesitant, I didn’t feel ready to work as animator (my skills were really poor ’cause in school I focused much more on other aspects of production) and the supervisor of the studio was an animator with 20 years of experience in dreamworks… I definitely was a bit scared but….I accepted the offer!

The series was “Bird Squad”Schermata 2014-05-31 a 00.01.24.png

The protagonists were: a crow, a penguin, a bat, a flamingo, an hummingbird, a lady owl, a woodpecker, a blackbird and 5 ducks!

They fly around the world on a zeppelin to save other animals who need their help!

It wasn’t so easy to animate for a totally beginner, (at that point I was used to animate everything in LINEAR tangents, never touching the graph editor and without knowing the difference between FK or IK …Now I can confess it!! 😀

But… I won the challenge and I animated the series for 6 months with an amazing team of talented animators!

Watch some of my animations for “BIRD SQUAD”

After this series, I started a new one in the same studio: “Taratabong – The world of Meloditties” a crew of musical creatures that communicate through sounds and musicbfa0ecb6d577a1cbf322110c6948bb00

The challenge here was setted a bit higher: characters with no voice, no mouth or eyebrows, no arms… but… it’s still absolutely the project I loved most!

Watch some of my animations for “Taratabong”

This projects and the studio itself will stay in my heart forever, they were the first to believe in me and gave me the opportunity to start to work as animator


(me and the meloditties made by a friend)

And… I can’t explain it with words but… in that studio there was a unique and great atmosphere…


(me, wearing the awesome hoodie of the company)


(playing Ping Pong during a break)


(me and collegues in a cafè…an other break :D)

During that period I also started to create and sew (100% handmade)foto_chiara a series of puppets and portraits for my friends, you will hear about the PUPPETS again in my story 🙂

IMG_57KJ00 copia.jpg

volkswagen (puppets on the yellow van)

(friends and sister’s portraits)

– Moving in the capital: ROME –

After this second experience I moved to Rome with most of the team of Taratabong, for the production of an Animated Movie about an ogres family

It was my first movie and I had the chance to improve my skills, especially in acting

Unfortunately the production dealt with some problems and the movie was stopped.

But I still have a good memory of that experience!

– Taratabong 2 –

After this production I went back home, with my family. My dad (the greatest and best man I met in my life) passed away and I needed to stay home for a bit

So, I went back to the studio in Pisa for the Second Season of “Taratabong”!


(some meloditties puppets I made for fun)


(lunch time on the beach)

(snowy weekend with colleagues)

– Animating Gladiators –

Finished Taratabong 2, someone needed animators in Rome, in the Rainbow studio (best know for the creation of the successful tv series WINX)

I moved there and I started the production of another Animated Movie “Gladiator’s of Rome”. Set in the ancient Rome, it tells the story of a unusual gladiator!

Schermata 2012-10-19 a 20.26.04

Schermata 2017-08-16 a 15.38.55.pngSchermata 2017-08-16 a 15.39.49.png

We worked first on the Layouts and then on the Animations

Watch “Gladiators of Rome” Progression Reel


(me and my Gadiators Stickers Album :D)

(movie’s posters around Rome)


(first preview in the movie theatre)

We had great times during the production


(swimming pool in our residence)

Awesome team, funny moments to remember!

In the sparetime, I started a personal short movie “Felt in the Box”, using my puppets design for the characters


The idea was pretty cool but in the meantime…things started to be a little too complicated and I had to stop the production

-The magic of Winx-

Just after the end of the movie’s production, I started the Season 5 of the very successful tv show for kids “Winx”

First we animated the Transformation Sequence, I made part of Stella and Tecna sequence! Very funny to do! I loved that rigs, so well done, full of controls in order to don’t put limits to an animator’s imagination! 😀

Schermata 2012-10-19 a 20.17.27

Schermata 2014-01-10 a 16.27.53.pngWe were responsible for layouts and animations and the production was like….5/6 months long

Watch “Winx” Progression Reel

And here other Animations I made


(me and my lovely Winx air mattress :P)

(me and my sister in the Rainbow Magic Land Theme Park)

– First time abroad –

After Winx, I felt to be ready to try an experience abroad and I moved to France

I found job in a studio placed in Angouleme, a small town in the Charante


(my first day of work…under the snow)

The series was pretty complex, “Foot2Rue Extreme”, a lot of human characters playing football, parkour, roller blades and other crazy stuff! 😀


Watch “Foot2Rue” Animation Reel

Very challenging and tought experience! With a GREAT ANIMATION TEAM



– Back to Italy –

At one point, I felt the needed to go back to Italy and stay close to my family

For a while I stayed home working on a new personal project (with an other collogue), a TV series for kids with the Puppets as protagonists

5.5_Screenshot_ColoringEng_004 copy

We created the Opening Theme (whatch it here), the scripts of some episodes, a pilot episode and a super detailed graphic bible

Here a Making Off Video (watch us working :P)

We developed two apps, connected to the series that have been available on the Apple Store for a while. An Alphabet App, a Coloring Book, a Puzzle and an Interactive book

Puppet House_Apps_03.jpg

Here you can watch the Spot of the “Interactive Book” app

(my Awesome Puppets Birthday Cake :P)

And wee also participated to a famous event in Italy “Cartoons on the Bay” to pitch the series, but unfortunately…nothing happened! 😦

So, I went back to Rome, in Rainbow, to work on another successful tv series “Mia&Me” and this time I had to deal just with layouts

The only animation I made was the transformation of the main character, re-used for each episodes

MiaWatch “Mia&Me” – Transformation – progression shot

(colleagues :P)

– The big switch to VIDEO GAMES industry –

I had the chance to apply in a very big company based in Hamburg, GOODGAMES STUDIO in the extreme north of Germany!KIA01ENG

At the beginning I was a bit scared, I never worked in video games before

But…after some technical issues I just get used to it and I worked for 1 year and half on a puzzle gamesnow1


(my workstation with the main character puppet made by me)

Watch my “A Little Lost” Animation reel

I was responsible to manage the animation team, we had several little cute animal/fantasy creatures to animate and make them interact with the gameplay

I’ve done so many idle, attack, win and lose animations…..that it’s hard to remember all of them! But I’m extremely proud of the work we have done! 🙂

(findind cooking on my desk in the morning ❤ …for those who don’t understand italian… stronza=asshole, with love of course 😀 )


(me with Elisa, from the Onboarding team, those who helped us in burocratic stuff and relocation)


(and our daily match with MARIO KART after lunch time 😀 )

You can watch other pictures about my experience in Hamburg here

– Life changes –

After the german experience, I had to deal with an other family lost, my great mom…. so I went back home to take care of our family stuff, that’s the main reason why at one point of my life I decided to work as freelance remotely

Right now I work as freelance for other italian and foreign studios, and in the spare time…I have this blog!

I was thinking to create this blog since a while but never find enough time to do it! I love this “project”, I like to teach and share what I’ve learn so far with other animators, so… I hope you appreciate it! 🙂





My Work Experience

For those who wants to know the studios and the project I’ve worked on, here’s my past experiences 😉 MyJob

  • Senior 3D Character Animator

    Company Name: Goodgame StudiosSchermata 2017-08-14 a 15.38.26.png

    Dates Employed: Jul 2015 – Sep 2016

    Location: Hamburg Area, Germany

    Responsible for the in-game animations of the 3D characters of “A Little Lost” – puzzle game. In my role I had to deal with: set a workflow and the animation style, deliver animations for most of the characters in the game. In addition, I was responsible to guide and supervise other animators.

    My first experience in game started with this cute and fun puzzle game! I was responsible to animate the little 3D creatures that help you during the game…it has been a challange to find a way to keep this high quality of animations for this type of game, where you have technical limitations (limited bones, characters interaction with the gameplay, animations in place…) but looking at the result…I can say we have done a great job! 🙂

    We’ve been brave, we wanted to keep a quality comparable to a Tv series animation, and…we won! 😉



  • Senior Character Animator/Layout Artist

    Company Name: RAINBOW CGISchermata 2017-08-14 a 15.48.03.png

    Dates Employed: May 2014 – Nov 2014

    Location: Rome, Italy

    Working as Animator / Layout artist on the Tv series “Mia&Me – season 2”

    Between elves and unicorns! 🙂
    I came back to Italy after the French experience and I worked for several months on the second season of this successful tv series, a Germany / Italy coproduction.

    I took care of the layouts, and I also animated the transformation of the protagonist.



  • Concept / Script / Design / Art Direction / Layouts / Animation

    Personal Project

    Pitch for a TV Series for Kids “Puppet House” I developed with Emanuele Leoncilli





  • Senior Character Animator

    Company Name:  2D3D AnimationsSchermata 2017-08-14 a 15.59.58

    Dates Employed: Feb 2013 – Dec 2013

    Location: Angouleme, France

    Working on the Tv series “Foot2Rue Extreme”

    Moved to France for a year, in Angouleme in the region of the Charante, I worked on the most challenging (but really funny) series in my career, the 3D tv series “Foot De Rue Extreme” (produced by Télé Images Productions).
    I won the challenge with “action shots”, also a girl can animate people who play football and do a lot of other crazy acrobatic stuff! (Yeah, ’cause I was the only girl in the team^^)



    Here’s the fantastic ANIMATION TEAM I had the honor and the pleasure to work with, here in Angouleme.


  • 3D Senior Character Animator / Layout Artist

    Company Name: RAINBOW CGISchermata 2017-08-14 a 15.48.03

    Dates Employed: Jun 2012 – Nov 2012

    Location: Rome, Italy

    Working on the CGI series “Winx Club – Season 5”

    One of the most funny projects I participated! Yes…the Winx 🙂 
    The Winx are a well-known successful product and, in the fifth season, it was introduced the computer graphics, that we animated! 
    In addition to the episodes, I had the pleasure and honor to animate part of the transformation Sirenix (in my opinion, the most beautiful transformation in the history of winx transformations  ^ ^) I made part of the transformation of Stella and Tecna. POWER OF TECHNOLOGY!! 😛



    _winx_club_season_5Schermata 2014-01-10 a 16.27.53

  • 3D Senior Character Animator

    Company Name: RAINBOW CGI

    Dates Employed: Dec 2010 – May 2012

    Location: Rome, Italy

    Working on the project “Gladiators of Rome” Feature Film Production

    I worked on this project for 2 years! 🙂 First as a Layout Artist and later as  Character Animator. Challenging! Funny! Exciting! I grew up a lot thanks to this project! Awesome team! 2 amazing years! 🙂



  • 3D Senior Character Animator

    Company Name: Toposodo Schermata 2017-08-14 a 16.52.01

    Dates Employed: Apr 2008 – Oct 2008 (season 1) / Aug 2009 – May 2010 (season 2)

    Location: Pisa, Italy

    Senior animator for the tv serie “Taratabong – The World of Meloditties – Season 1 & 2”

    Full in love with Meloditties!
    I love this TV series! I participated to the first and the second season! 🙂
    Animate characters with no voice except for “music” sound was so challenging and interesting! I learned a lot, especially how to give life to characters just through eyes and “timing” and how to animate following precise beats and rhytm of the shot!
    LittleGossip: during the production of the second season I knew the best partner that I could meet (at work as in private life ^ ^)




  • 3D Character Animator

    Company Name: ToposodoSchermata 2017-08-14 a 16.52.01

    Dates Employed: Aug 2007 – Mar 2008

    Location: Pisa, Italy

    3D Character Animator for the tv series “Bird Squad”, Rai Fiction_Toposodo

    We never forget the first series 🙂 
    Here’s my first job as animator in the “pretty far” 2007, when I didn’t know that the blood of animator was flowing in me. 😛
    Thanks to this experience and the people in the studio that believed in me, I discovered my “talent”.



Schermata 2014-05-31 a 00.01.24.png

 And, where’s everything started… my School Diploma, the “horror” Short Movie “Rampicante – Hederae Sicarus”

That I realized in 2006 with other 2 students! (I wasn’t so confidence with animation at that time…. :D)





What this Blog is about..and why I decided to use “great part” of my free time to create and share this stuff! 🙂

About Me

My name is Chiara Porri, I’m Italian and I came from a lovely small town on the sea in Tuscany!

I always had a natural needs to pour out my creativity, I started with drawings, comics, paintings and much more…!  After the High School I attended an Animation Course in Turin, Italy (for 3 amazing years) and from that moment…I never stopped. 🙂
As Character Animator I worked for Tv Series, Movies and Videogames. Here you can find a link to my Vimeo Channel so that you can have an idea of my job as Animator: Chiara – Vimeo Channel

At the moment I’m working as freelance animator and I will try to find the time to add always new contents on this blog 😉

In my spare time I create tv series pitch, short movies, animation tests, ….this blog…, concepts for videogames, comics, I sew handmade puppets, I love cooking,  long walks in the parks and…I love to play with my American Staffordshire Terrier…Evy!evy01