My Animation

from the Tv show “Winx 5 Season – progressive reel”

“Winx 5” – Animation Progression Reel from Chiara Porri on Vimeo.

My animation shots from the Tv Series “Winx – season 5” produced by Rainbow., 2012.
I was responsable for layout – animation – Vfx and dynamics animation

My Animation

Animation Reel 2016

Chiara_Porri – Animation Reel 2016 from Chiara Porri on Vimeo.

Here is my Animation Reel with the new stuff I’ve done in the last 2 years (and also some older animations).

– “A Little Lost” – in-game animations for puzzle game. Goodgames Studios (2016). In my role I had to deal with: set a workflow and the animation style, deliver animations for most of the characters in the game. Quote: 1/2 cycles per day

Acting/Action Shots & Cycles (“Let it Go”, Dog Cycle, Pole dance and Walk Cycle) personal projects and animation test

Tv series: “Foot2Rue Extreme”, 2013 tv series – responsible of Animation
(automatic lip synch – personal quote of 10/15 seconds per day)

Feature Film – “Gladiators of Rome”, 2011 featured – responsible of Animation/Layout

Tv Series: “Winx 5”, 2012 tv series – responsible of Animation/Layout


First Question poses7poses8we need all this information before think to the pose


poses9quick example of differents mood

poses6the main 3 rules for a good pose are:

poses10example of Lines of Action:

poses5example of readable silhouette:



…play, exaggerate…experiment with the body!!!


Tips #1




REF_Maya Interface_03





I like to present: ELEVEN RIG

I suggest you to download this FREE Rig, the Eleven Rig, ’cause I found it pretty easy to animate (I would just improve the facial controls and blendshapes) and have some nice possibility to customize it. The rig is well done and allow you to create both realistic and extremely cartoon/squashy animation! πŸ™‚eleven3

Eleven Rig – Official Blog

You can chose the gender:eleven1you can customize the head (scale, hair/eyebrow style, add beard or mustache and change the eyes color)eleven2and from the Root control, you can customize the body proportion! πŸ˜‰eleven3you also have some nice helpfull extra controls like the SQUASH and STRETCH for the head and some cool deformers for arms and legs! Have fun! πŸ™‚eleven4

REF_Maya Interface_02


you can change the display mode of your objects in the scene pressing 1,2,3,4,5,6, or 7 on your keyboard. (You can also change it from the menu Shading)display2

REF_Maya Interface_01

How to Move in the VIEW SCENE

here the keyboard shortcuts to translate, rotate and zoom in your scene:02sceneviewcommand

About Me

My name is Chiara Porri, I’m Italian and I came from a lovely small town on the sea in Tuscany!

I always had a natural needs to pour out my creativity, I started with drawings, comics, paintings and much more…!Β  After the High School I attended an Animation Course in Turin, Italy (for 3 amazing years) and from that moment…I never stopped. πŸ™‚
As Character Animator I worked for Tv Series, Movies and Videogames. Here you can find a link to my Vimeo Channel so that you can have an idea of my job as Animator: Chiara – Vimeo Channel

At the moment I’m working as freelance animator and I will try to find the time to add always new contents on this blog πŸ˜‰

In my spare time I create tv series pitch, short movies, animation tests, ….this blog…, concepts for videogames, comics, I sew handmade puppets, I love cooking, Β long walks in the parks and…I love to play with my American Staffordshire Terrier…Evy!evy01

Tutorial #1 Maya Animation Interface


This is a very Basic tutorial about the main tools and the Maya interface for animators.

Here you can easly donwload the last Maya TRIAL VERSION (free for 30 days) to start to do some test and simple animations! DOWNLOAD the TRIAL HERE

(the video is splitted in 4 videos)
You can find the following topics (in the descriptions of each video I added the specific time in the video for that chapter):

Part 1:
– Scene View
– Cameras
– Outliner
– Hotkeys!Β  F
– Time Slider
– Animation Preferences
– Playback Controls

Part 2:
– Range Slider
-Channel box
– Axis
– Import Rig
– Show Menu
– Selection Mask
– Manipulators
– Set keys
– HotKeys! UNDO (Z)
– Auto Key

Part 3:
– Playblast
– Display Settings
– Layer Editor

Part 4:
– Graph Editor
– Timeslider_part 2 (Manage Keys)
– Import Sound