🎙IWTBAA INTERVIEWS: Valentino Ballestri – 3D Animator

A NEW SERIES IN THE CHANNEL! I thought it would’ve been nice to pick some ANIMATORS (or any type of artists in the animation industry) around the world and…ask them some questions about their life, their work, some tips to share… a simple and quick interview/chat…just to create a connection between all of us, people that share the same passion and dreams, people that sometimes have to leave their country, people that…sometimes face obstacles, people that don’t give up, people that HAVE FUN, people that follow their dreams and want to share them with us! 😉 I will interview Artist of different levels of experience so that any of you can empathize and be inspired by them, an aspiring animator can establish a connection with a junior animator telling us his experience so far, and all of us will be motivated and could find great tips by an expert one!

So, enjoy the first Interview! Valentino is a friend of mine and…he’s really a nice and passionate young Animator! 😀

‼️📢If you want to be interviewed or you have some suggestions of Animator that would be happy to do one…just write it in the comments section or send me a private mess 😊

#BeAnAnimator #interview #chiaraporri #iwanttobeananimator #animation

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