Old Projects in the Drawer!

I would like to bring you on a little tour into some of my old personal projects, the projects that have been in my mind in the last years and that brought me here. What we are and our skills come from our passed experiences, no? So THIS (and my commissioned and productions experiences) is what allowed me to..imagine and then to create this channel… a lot of my knowledge come from this personal projects where I had to deal with a lot of different aspects… not just regarding the animation, but everything that comes FIRST and AFTER it! 😉

This projects start with my Puppets, handmade puppets created by me around the year…2007 😛

Something I was used to create for family and friends, but some years alter I met a special collogue during the production of a tv series in a studio in Italy, Emanuele Leoncilli (animator and game developer) and it was him, after seeing my puppets, to have the idea to make a short movie with them, as co-stars with an Emanuele’s character coming from a short movie made by him, Gianfri, a white bear.

The short movie title is “Felt in the Box”! We were both at the beginning of this job…we still had a lot of things to learn and…a short movie seemed us a good challenge!

“Felt in the Box” Art Book cover

The short movie production lasted for about a year, as I said before…we didn’t have all the necessary knowledge for all the aspects so…we made some errors like: rigs and the environments TOO HEAVY and hard to manage! We worked every night and weekend on the project (during the day we were working in a movie production in Rome) but after one year…we had to give up…the project became
unmanageable and impossible to finish…… what remains are: a Teaser, the Animatic (I can show some shots) and an Art Book

After the stop on the short movie we decided to make a tv series of it, something more easy and “lighter” xD

Here a little Making Off of the “home” production

“PUPPET HOUSE” a pre-school Animated Television Series, a world populated by colorful puppets!

We produced (as for the short movie, we made everything by ourselves, just the two of us)…

The Opening

The Graphic Bible (here some pics)

A Pilote Episode (plus the scripts for the first 10 episodes)… and 4 APPS for kids!

Here the Coloring Book Apps Spot

Besides a pretty large collection of gadgets and promotional stuff! 😛

We also participated to an Italian Festival to promote the series and look for producers but….nothing happened so… this remains another project in the drawer! 😛 But …who knows…

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