Let’s share feedback and tips for your Animations!

I created this new session “Your Animations” to give you a space to share your shots, exercises, animation test, cycles… YourAnimationsTitle_Base2.png

I receive a lot of emails and messages with your shots asking for feedback! I’m always happy to help (sometimes it could take some days but I try to find the time to answer to all of you) but … right now it’s a bit confusing ’cause I receive your emails (with your shot’s link) on my emails, facebook, youtube, twitter, linkedin….and can happen that I miss some of them! SO.. 😀 I thought to create this new category to gather all your shots and questions so that everything is more clear and organised and I’ll easily have access to them! 😉

You can use the comments below to share links to your animations or ask questions! In this way also the other people could give their feedback if they want or … help with some questions/topics! 😉 Hope this will make the “feedback process” more easy!

Me BMan – June 23, 2017 at 8:06 pm



5 thoughts on “Let’s share feedback and tips for your Animations!

  1. Me BMan says:

    hey there, well I followed your beginner tutorial “bouncing ball” and the result was way better than my old bouncing ball animation. But I don’t feel the natural flow in my one in contrast with yours. So I thought to share it here and have some feedback 🙂 Please have a look. Also I never did understand the use of graph editor before reading your post. 🙂 Here is the link- https://youtu.be/quMe6aRZybE


  2. i_want_to_be_an_animator says:

    Hi! Congratulations on being the first one to use this feedback page! 😀 YOU WIN A………. a feedback….yeah…!! 😀 Actually your Bouncing Ball is really well done! I like it! Not much to say! It works 😉 In general is very cartoon, so maybe that’s why you don’t feel it enough natural, but I like the cartoon style so I wouldn’t change it! 😉 but just fyi: to make it more realistic you should reduce the exaggeration for the squash and stretch and the spacing (moving the ball more close to the contact pose in the frames after and before, and reducing the “slow down in the air” a bit) BUT……I just like it the way it is so…I wouldn’t change the cartoon style! 😉

    Besides this: I added few little notes for the rotation, the latest rebounds and the stop (see picture added in the post up here, FEEDBACK #1)! Good job! (y)

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  3. Me BMan says:

    After your feedback, now I am feeling more comfortable with my animation. Thank you.! One more question, “for the rotation of the ball, I did it manually. Is this the correct way to do it?”


    • i_want_to_be_an_animator says:

      IMO there’s no “good or bad way” to do something, just a good or bad result 😀 so, all my suggestions are to help those who have no idea how to reach a result (so I show my way to do it) 😉 Your bouncing ball is very very good, the rotation also is good, just in that particular range it seems to slow down too much, just check the curve! 😉

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  4. Brenda Ibarra Ruvalcaba says:

    Hi! I saw ur walk cycle tutorial and I dont know what I’m doing wrong. I dont feel my character sexy haha I think its more like a robot or something and I dont want that 😦
    Hope u can help me and can send u more of my work later.
    This is the link:

    Thank u and have a nice day 🙂


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