14 thoughts on “Exercise_001_description

    • i_want_to_be_an_animator says:

      Hi! Your bouncing ball is good! (y) 😉 I just have few notes for you:

      1) At the beginning the ball seems to fall a bit too slowly, just a bit (check the curve)
      2) In general I would reduce a bit the squash and stretch (too visible), right now you stretch the ball in 6 frames (try to reduce the stretching before and after the contact to 3/4 frames)
      3) After the 2nd rebound also reduce a bit the amount of squash and stretch

      Good job! 🙂


  1. i_want_to_be_an_animator says:

    Yeah the timing is perfect now! 😉 good job!
    I don’t know your level, did you just started to animate? Have you animated a character already?
    If not, I would suggest you to do other exercises with a ball, something mechanic like the bouncing bal but adding a forward movement, a collision on an object, with some variations in directions and speed. Also, a little “acting” shot with the ball, giving life to the ball and using it like a character, something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGYu24ZaJms&list=PLtyorbKQRK7aG27lsPxsQdcM6oiPJUs4X&index=3

    Or, you could do some simple exercise with a character, like my second exercise with the character turn! 😉 https://iwanttobeananimator.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/exercise-2-animate-a-character-turn/


  2. i_want_to_be_an_animator says:

    Hey nice job! After the “collision” is perfect, for the first part I have two suggestion:
    1- slow down more when the ball is in the air (adjust curves angle) for the second and third bounces
    2- all the bounces after the first one are a bit too slow, you decrease the timing of just 1 frames (12 first bounce – 11 second bounce – 10 – 9 …..and so on….) try to decrese of 2 frames (12 – 10 – 8 etc….) 😉


  3. Ankit Singh says:

    Hey I’m doing wolf fighting scene in my office. That’s why I can’t show. But what I’m getting problem every time. Most of time my blocking gets approved. But when I move to spline and that time I started to get correction. Timing is not right, weight is not coming. What should I do for that. Any exercise with I understand that part clearly.


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