BEGINNER Exercise – “Bouncing Ball”


This exercise is connected to the Lesson 05 where I explainED the principle of TIMING and SPACING and the Tutorial 04  where I showed how to create a Bouncing Ball Animation! 😉

This exercise is perfect for BEGINNERS, is very used in the animation world (is one of the first exercise you will find in any book, course or animation school)  because is perfect to learn the bases of Timing and Spacing!


15 thoughts on “BEGINNER Exercise – “Bouncing Ball”

  1. i_want_to_be_an_animator says:

    Hi! The first ball: is too slow, it seems more a super light beach volley (not sure this was the intent). If you want that it seems more a rubber ball you should reduce the timing (try to keep the same timing as in the tutorial), but if you want to do a light beach volley you should smooth the squash and stretch (more frames of transition between the two key poses)

    For the second one: the timing is better, but the curve seems not polished (especially the trasl Y). At the beginning, during the fall, is still too slow. The rotation should be faster (especially during the bounces) and the moving forward stops too soon, it should continue to move more 😉


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