Welcome Animators or wannabe-animators!

I decided to create this free collection of Lessons, Tutorials and Tips about this AMAZING job, based on what I’ve learned in my career and experience as character animator! 😉
I’ve been working in the Animation Industry since 10 years and before that…3 years of Animation School! I really, really, REALLY love my job, I really do… I love animation and I like to share my passion (and why not? My knowledgments) with other people!
For any questions, topics that you would like to talk about, you can contact me!
If you want follow my Blog, or subscribe to my YouTube channel or Facebook or Twitter! 😛

11 thoughts on “Welcome Animators or wannabe-animators!

  1. synrix1 says:

    So many resources here which are so helpful and free! I can’t believe how elaborate your explanations are in some places. Thanks a lot for all this!


  2. Maria says:

    Thanks for this article. I’ve doubted myself, but after reading it I’ve posted my art on 3d artist, next day i got email with great news that my art has been selected by the 3D Artist magazine team to be featured in the Reader’s Gallery next issue!
    you are talented make any live human being excited with your arts ,, excelent work. 🎨

    Liked by 1 person

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